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I am a self-taught artist who has been traveling the world since the age of 18. My first trip was into Mexico, with a bicycle, some spare tire tubes, and $500.  Since then I have spent all of my spare energy and money traveling all over the world.  During my journeys, the humanitarian side of me started to take over.  After multiple trips into Haiti, I was impossible to turn my back on the poverty stricken island.  With the help of Judy Hoffman, and the family of Turgo Bastien, the birth of Art Creation Foundation for Children (ACFFC) became possible. ACFFC is now an established grassroots program that has really come into its own. 

In my past life I ran a Fair Trade indigenous art gallery.  Since then I closed down the award-winning and nationally recognized Indigena Gallery to spend more time with my daughter who was in need of her mom.  I woke up one day and "quit my life" to get back to the basics.  It was a HUGE shock to my system.  All my body knew was 60-hour work weeks, surviving on 12 coca-cola's a day, anti-depressants, and rare glimpses of my child.   After I realized that every spare minute of my life was spent on "saving the world," I realized that my own world needed saving. 

So one day I allowed myself the luxury of closing the door to my workaholic life in order to focus on what was important, Serena.  After getting to know my daughter all over again, I began the process of getting to know myself as well. Although it was a tough adjustment, I allowed myself the ability to not feel so responsible for all the problems of the world.  Feeling the pain of the world is a curse that I was born with and I began to heal from that defect.  There are days where images haunt my mind and it takes everything I have to function; those days don’t come as often as they used to.  Everyday of my life I continue to heal from all of the pain that I have seen and have experienced during my fairly short lifetime. Painting is what helps me with that process. When I paint, beautiful imagery dances in great light.  All of the colors, images, and sensations that come my way are the best of what I have seen and done.  When I create, the painful imagery that is forever trapped in my mind disappears.  It is in those moments that I truly find joy.  Ever since I began to paint again, Zoloft lost a very dedicated consumer. Every time I feel the weight of the world crashing in on me, I remind myself that it is time to hold a brush. 

The day that I quit my life was the best thing that I ever did for myself.  I am back to being the person I like the most-Sandra the Artist.  Of all the roles I have played in my life, I have to come to realize that I like being who I am today the most!    It is all of the realities of every door that I have passed thru in my life that inspires all that I do.   So although my past evokes pain, it also serves as the foundation of everything I create. My paintings and photography compose a mosaic of everyone and everything that influences my original creations.  The colors of the  world move thru me with every brush stroke or click of a camera button.

Thanks for entering into my new world!

Take care,

Sandra Renteria!/SandraRenteriaART 

Sandra Renteria

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 For those who love colour!