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        Synergism of vesicle trafficking and cytoskeleton during regulation of plant growth and development: A mechanistic outlook

        論文作者Muneer Ahmed Khoso , Hailong Zhang , Mir Hassan Khoso , Tika Ram Poudel ,  Sindho Wagan , Tamar Papiashvili , Sudipta Saha , Abid Ali , Ghulam Murtaza ,  Hakim Manghwar*, Fen Liu*


        摘要The cytoskeleton is a fundamental component found in all eukaryotic organisms, serving as a  critical factor in various essential cyto-biological mechanisms, particularly in the locomotion and  morphological transformations of plant cells. The cytoskeleton is comprised of three main components: microtubules (MT), microfilaments (MF), and intermediate filaments (IF). The cytoskeleton plays a crucial role in the process of cell wall formation and remodeling throughout the  growth and development of cells. It is a highly organized and regulated network composed of  filamentous components. In the basic processes of intracellular transport, such as mitosis, cytokinesis, and cell polarity, the plant cytoskeleton plays a crucial role according to recent studies.  The major flaws in the organization of the cytoskeletal framework are at the root of the aberrant  organogenesis currently observed in plant mutants. The regulation of protein compartmentalization and abundance within cells is predominantly governed by the process of vesicle/membrane  transport, which plays a crucial role in several signaling cascades.The regulation of membrane  transport in eukaryotic cells is governed by a diverse array of proteins. Recent developments in  genomics have provided new tools to study the evolutionary relationships between membrane  proteins in different plant species. It is known that members of the GTPases, COP, SNAREs, Rabs,  tethering factors, and PIN families play essential roles in vesicle transport between plant, animal,  and microbial species. This Review presents the latest research on the plant cytoskeleton, focusing  on recent developments related to the cytoskeleton and summarizing the role of various proteins in vesicle transport. In addition, the report predicts future research direction of plant cytoskeletonand vesicle trafficking, potential research priorities, and provides researchers with specificpointers to further investigate the significant link between cytoskeleton and vesicle trafficking. 

        Synergism of vesicle trafficking and cytoskeleton during regulation of plant growth and development A mechanistic outlook.pdf